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RE: Cracks around Scuppers

Fotoman wrote:

G-Flex epoxy from West System should work good for this kind a repair.
I still think you are just gluing the pieces together.
That is more than likely why the cracks appeared in the first place.

The glued edge will just crack away pulling the substratta away.

I am not saying the epoxy glue will crack but it will come off taking more of the surface area it was bonded to with it.

The epoxy will bond great to the surface but you will only have the small area that the epoxy is applied to to hold everything together.

In my opinion you need to sand down the affected area and apply some fiberglass
tape or fiberglass cloth to form a new surface. Covering the entire area back to about 3 or 4 inches from the edge of the crack. You can sand the edges to make the repair almost invisable.


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