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Originally Posted by Ka_sea_ta View Post
I have a question, what is the advantage of a soft shackle over a chain hook? I'm assuming an all chain rode.
The soft shackle doesn't fall off. That was the big advantage for me. All the chain hooks I have used require that you maintain tension on the line or the hook can fall away form the chain and become disconnected. Some hooks might fall off if the conditions are right, and some instantly fall off with any slack on the line. The soft shackle won't come off.

Also, you can run the soft shackle over a roller with ease. Some hooks just go clunk clunk over a roller, and other you wouldn't even want to try running it over.

In my experience so far, which admittedly is limited, is that the soft shackle is superior in every way, including cost. Made-for-purpose chain hooks can get very pricey.
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