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Originally Posted by LRC58Fan View Post
Just saw this update on the sea trials of the US Navy's long, thin drone ship:

Leidos completes initial performance trials of US Navy’s first ACTUV Sea Hunter

The technology demonstration system trials were conducted off the coast of San Diego, California, US.

During the trials, the 132ft-long trimaran vessel met all performance objectives for speed, manoeuvrability, stability, seakeeping, acceleration / deceleration, and fuel consumption of the vessel.

The test also intended to evaluate the vessel’s mechanical system reliability while at sea.

Leidos is planning to conduct further tests in the coming months to validate the vessel’s sensors, autonomy suite, and compliance with maritime collision regulations as well as proof-of-concept demonstrations for a range of US Navy missions.

Full story here:

Leidos completes initial performance trials of US Navy‚€™s first ACTUV Sea Hunter - Naval Technology
Originally Posted by Rustybarge View Post
The Actuv is strikingly similar to the Kurt Hughes motor tri design, which bodes well for its pracitality as a workable seaworthy boat; I think that's a given with Kurt's extraordinary high profile reputation in multihull design.

you only need about 20hp/ ton in a multihull to achieve 15kts cruise , a steel low cost tri would make perfect sense as its only going to need a few extra HP to compensate for the extra weight.

Here in Europe you can get a steel hull fabricated in any yard for about €1k/ft, less than half the cost of alloy; even less if you can build yourself with steel at €300 /ton!

38' x 8' tri hull to fit standard 12mtr mooring : €40k
Cummins 6bt 210 HP remanufactured: €20k
Windows : €5k
Wiring , tanks: €5k
Cross beams /AMA's: €5k

...say €80k ready for fitout....
Here's a link on the cost of a suitable narrow beam steel hull , but obviously would need modification to make it into a trimaran using thinner plate and different underwater sections.

10, 11 and 12 ft Wide Canal Boat Prices
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