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The Californian 34 LRC was my first diesel "big" boat and it has served me well. One of the features I appreciate is the high bullwarks and wide side decks that provide safe movement all around the boat, especially for kids. The cockpit provides good access to the water making it a popular fishing and diving boat. It's also a great place with kids.

I had to learn my boat's systems and maintenance requirements and was fortunate to have friends who taught me. The boat's systems are relatively easy to access in the 12x20 ft engine room. With my small 4.236 engines, I can climb completely around each engine if needed, but that would probably not be possible with the large Detroit or Cat engines. The fuel tanks, water heater, water pump, shaft logs, batteries, trannys, freshwater and holding tanks are all easily accessible. That's not always the case on some of the other boats.

Boat condition is critical. Mine had a recently refurbished interior when I bought it 9 years ago and was in 'turn'key' condition. That doesn't mean it didn't need regular maintenance, modifications and improvements. Since I'm mechanically inclined, I enjoy doing this myself and save myself thousands of dollars each year. Even with that, I still find a way to spend about $8K per year on my boating passion. YMMV

The 34 LRC is a popular boat on the West coast. I've seen several on the waters of NorCal. Since they were built down there in Santa Ana/Tustin, you might find more in SoCal. On the East coast, they seem to be more rare. The boat is very stout and seaworthy with a sharp entry and a Carolina flare that provides a slicing, dry ride. The deadrise is relatively flat at the transom providing stability at anchor which is also a plus with kids, fishing and diving.

The 2-stateroom layout is just about ideal for kids, IMO. Kids love bunks and my model has bunks fwd and the full size bed amidship. The up galley can become narrow with 3-4 folks onboard, but that's the price of safe walkarounds on a 12.5 ft wide vessel. 360 degree visibility from the lower helm is excellent...the best I've encountered.

Good luck in your search and welcome to TF!!
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