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RE: Cracks around Scuppers

The photos look identical to the scuppers on my Defever 49, cracks and all.* The scuppers are inserted in one piece into matching holes cut between the outer hull, and what I call the hull liner. I'm not sure how they were originally sealed, but after time they loose the seal. Virtually all of ours are cracked, some worse than others, and yes I do think they contribute to water leaking into the boat.* On several of mine, I reefed out material along the crack, and then filled with epoxy, thickened with a filler.* Perhaps a better solution would be to fiberglass over the cracks, making sure that all the water will still drain out.*
Would I let this problem stop me from buying the boat?* Not if all the major systems checked out, and I loved the boat.* There is no boat in the world that will not have problems of some sort or another, they just need to be solved.* If you love the boat, and the price is right, go for it, and then figure out how to solve the problem.* A good surveyor should include this on the survey, and it's now a point to negotiate* price with...................Arctic Taveller
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