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Originally Posted by RT Firefly View Post
Mr. SK. How about a beer/epoxy fridge in the shed? Pre-cool the epoxy to allow for a longer pot life and/or after mixing, put your Solo cup in a container of ice. Surely you can convince the Admiral of the urgent need for a fridge in the shed...

Yes that is a possibility. I have been able to avoid it up till now. I work in smaller batches and if I'm laminating a large area I dump the epoxy right into a paint tray. Actually two trays. one holds ice and the other sits on top. The one drawback is, well actually two, first you need a nice level surface to sit the trays on, pretty much not doable on a bare boat hull and two, the cooler the epoxy is the thicker it is and the less it wants to wet out the fabric or tape.

I try to get my epoxy work done in the morning before it gets too hot. Haven't ruined a batch in awhile.

I had a small fridge and didn't figure I'd have a use for it so I gave it away!
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