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Originally Posted by Hawgwash View Post
You are a morning person for sure, Keith.

Dave needn't worry about all the gadgets for the next week anyway. He'll be rafted to dozens of boats who can keep anchor watch for him.

Dave, as Roche Point said, it's been fun tagging along.
I'm curious to know your cruising speed over those first two long legs and how you liked Swinomish.
I have had everything turned on this morning sitting at anchor for about a 1/2 hour. So far no reboots. I will see what it does while running today.

Our cruising speed was lower than I expected. In the past, 1400 would give us just shy of 7 knots. However on the trip up, even 1500 would only give us about 6.4 knots. Before someone (if there are any still following this thread) asks... No, I have not tested my tachometer. That is something that I will need to do. However, the fuel flow on the Cummins seems to still match the tach.

Anyway, because I am a cheap SOB, I didn't go much above 1500 rpm most of the time. A lot depended on the sea condition. We flew through the flat water of the Swinomish Channel, partly because of the flat water and partly because of the timing of the current. We averaged about 7-8 knots entirely wake free. My boat puts out a very mild wake at displacement speeds.

Going across Rosario Strait we were beat up pretty well and out speed dropped to about 5.5 knots due to the combination of wind and sea state.

We really enjoyed the Swinomish Channel. Lovely location and now that we have been there once, we will go back to La Conner some time maybe for a long weekend if we can catch the currents. A knot or two of current makes a huge difference in travel times and so timing is big in Puget Sound as you know.

BTW, if my boat was a couple of knots slower, I wouldn't have made it through Gabriola Passage. I didn't power up much, but still was down to 2 knots at one point going through.

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