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cheap idea for a bilge pump switch

Top Liquid Water Level Sensor Right Angle Float Switch | eBay

Bought 2 of these right angled ones. You can also get straights.

Frankly speaking, I am tired of buying bilge pump switches. Just recently found one that is sticking on. If I lift float, it no longer drops.

These magnetic reed switch, I plan to connect to a couple 40 amp Bosch relays to power two 3700 Rule pumps. I just need an angled bracket.

I already power on the pumps using a relay, so this magnetic switch will act just like my manual switch.

I thought about straight inline switches. Maybe could be mounted inside an inverted cup for more protection. My current switches are all open float. I have 5 bilge pumps and all use your typical float switch.

This Ebay switch is sealed up waterproof. The float has a magnet that rips the switch. A Bosch relay takes 160 milliamps or less to energize it's coil. So easily this switch will power a relay.
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