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Originally Posted by jdboogren View Post
My one showstopper is this, and I can't find anything on line that addresses it: My wife is handicapped, nominally confined to a wheelchair. She can walk short distances with assistance and climb stairs with little difficulty. Is this a showstopper for us as potential trawler owners (getting on and off the only, but significant, concern)? How stable is embark/disembark? Are there options for lifts on boats as you see for hotel pools, etc...?

I don't think it's necessarily a show-stopper... but it likely means you'll have to solve 80% of the issues during your boat shopping stage. For example, a wide swim platform with a wide transom door might be especially useful.

And then solve another 10% during your marina-shopping stage, and that'll have additional impacts when you're moving from place to place. For example, floating docks -- so you can more easily access that swim platform thing -- could be part of your solution.

Interior layout might be the biggest challenge, though, because most of the boats we think of for that kind of traveling have some steps from main saloon level down to staterooms, heads, sometimes galley, and so forth. Might take some creativity to deal with that... although I know there are home stair-lift things that could likely be fitted in a boat (assuming available space).

Might be some exceptions, assuming you're willing to work around weather. I think the Blue Water boats (brand name) might be relatively flat inside, more like a houseboat layout than a trawler layout... although that's just a guess. (I think some folks here have those and could chime in and/or correct me on that.)

Happy to kibitz on DC-area locations, commutes, etc. once you get to that phase.

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