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Boatless new guy looking for advice

I live in MI and work in DC 12 days a month. I pay $2K for a studio apartment there. Talking to a colleague who is a long time boater with a convertible, and I mentioned the following - I pay too much for a crappy apartment; I need to invest in my and my Wife's "snow bunny" condo/apartment or whatever (we live in the extreme north of MI), but hate to tie myself to one location; and I love the Eastern Seaboard and the Florida Keys. He said "you need to buy a trawler, live on it in Annapolis or National Harbor, and take the intercostal every year for your winter escape... So; following a massive amount of googling and drooling over the trawlers I viewed, I'm inclined to say that in spring of 17, when my lease ends, I'm seriously considering making this leap. My one showstopper is this, and I can't find anything on line that addresses it: My wife is handicapped, nominally confined to a wheelchair. She can walk short distances with assistance and climb stairs with little difficulty. Is this a showstopper for us as potential trawler owners (getting on and off the only, but significant, concern)? How stable is embark/disembark? Are there options for lifts on boats as you see for hotel pools, etc...? I would be very grateful for any words of wisdom or experience. Thanks in advance, Joe
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