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the rating plate shows full load, most of the time it should run on less amperage but the circuit needs to be as rated. I'd not run that one on 115 volts!

the Rev valve is in the sealed refrigerant system won't hurt to switch to heat. but I don't feel it's necessary. Most Rev Valves work by a change in operating pressure through a pilot valve

They have or had a plastic core that would jam. I think most of the mfgs have solved that problem, once upon a time they also said run the AC to keep the seals lubed. but that really isn't true on hermetically sealed systems.

Here are the ratings on the Frigomar inverter run unit comparable size.

Cooling capacity
6.000-16.000 BTU/h
Heating capacity
6.000-16.000 BTU/h
Max input power cooling
0,91 kW
0.91 kW
Max input power heating
0,99 kW
0.99 kW
Max Current
4,7 A
4.7 A

pretty amazing just like the mini split units.
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