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Originally Posted by SCOTTEDAVIS View Post
The owner and engineer at Ocean Breeze told me that the heat pump side really does not save over the strip heating option they sell (no difference in price). He further stated that the reversing valve is a source of trouble and needs to be exercised several times a year and reduces the AC cooling efficiency by approximately 15%.

45+ years in HVAC I've never not seen or known a Rev Valve to fail. Many techs thought "bad Rev Valve" but it was usually relays or low refrigerant.

When in the heat cycle the compressor draws even less amps then when in the cooling cycle.

A 5 KW strip heater for example. can draw 20 amps on 240 volts

the strip heaters on Marine units have to be small enough to run on even less amps which means very small strip heaters.

compressor load of around 16,000 btu will draw less then 8 amps. you don't have to believe me, check the name plates and published ratings of the machines.

nearly all units are what ypeople think is "soft start" it's just how they

I don't think any MFG uses the old reciprocating compressors anymore. Most if not all use "rotary or scroll" compressors.

Inverter tech is here to stay and taken a big foothold in the HVAC business.

Just one more note. Marine acs are not strange or unique. they are simple self contained water cooled units.

This what makes them "water cooled" It's called a "coaxial" heat exchanger. (tube in tube)
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