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Yesterday went pretty well. My wife came down and spent the day working.

The big project remains the windlass. The old Simpson-Lawrence had the gypsy centered, the new one has it on the side, so the hawse and roller must be moved. Here's after removing the roller.Click image for larger version

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ID:	54281. The finish on the sprit looks way better in that picture, it was a mess. So, since I had the hardware off, I refinished it.

It only took about four hours and 15+ sanding disks, but I took it down to bare wood. The slots were a real pain. Click image for larger version

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ID:	54282. It's getting there...

Here's the sprit after the first three coats of varnish. Click image for larger version

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ID:	54283. After the first coat we took a walk over to the chandlery and my wife spied some hinges that might work for the salon table. After the second coat I chiseled out the table and mounted the leaf. The hinge was broken by the PO, and rather than fix it, he just used electrical tape to tape that leaf closed. Heh.

My wife also got the old stern lettering removed, and the stern all prepped for the new lettering. We got the new lettering on, with only a few bubbles.

Then a friend walked by and hailed us from the ground, which pretty much ended the work for the afternoon. He has his own refit project underway, so it was nice to get his perspective.
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