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YEs, this is a potential problem. The ABYC standards recommend that all grounds come to one DC Main Negative Bus. That includes the ground wire from our distribution panel and any other sub panels. The AC ground bus, bonding system bus, accessory negative ground bus and the negative ground from the big DC loads such a house bank, a thruster, Windlass and DC dinghy crane. That buss is then connected to the same bolt as the battery negative. In this manner all the dialectical circuits are tied together at one point. This brings all DC circuits to the same potential and it eliminates the potential for ground loops. Copper is actually not a good material for this ground bus because it will corrode and that creates resistance and poor connections. The ground bus(s) should all be tin plated copper, such as the ones by Blue Seas. Rather than extending the individual wires. it would make sense to install a ground buss on each side of the bot where you can bring all the grounds to a single bus and then tie that bus to the DC Min Negative Bus. In DC wiring wire length is your enemy due to voltage drop. Voltage drop is a function of the wire length and its diameter As you clean up the wiring make all the runs (both positive and negative) as short as you can to reduce the effect of voltage drop.
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