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Got a late start this morning as other life issues trumped boat work.

Here's a shot from last night. I had the tools out so I made the spacer for the windlass and the adapter plate for the new radar. It's 1/2" starboard.Click image for larger version

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ID:	54235. All the edges are rounded.

It's been a bummer jumping up and down since I took the stairs out during the "dry rot discovery" work. I replaced countertops in the last boat, and had one that I cut wrong just waiting for a new lease on life. And so it became some temporary steps. It'll due until the battery relocation project, when I'll rebuild them as removable. Until then, no more jumping up and down every time I need, or forget, a tool or part.Click image for larger version

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Now back to our previously scheduled wire pulling. Oh, and I caved and went with 2 gauge wire for the last run between the control box and the windlass. I'm pretty sure I can make the turn...
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