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Originally Posted by Peter B View Post
I guess I was justifying why I am happy to pay $61.95 for Interdeck, instead of buying some similar, and much cheaper house paint, and throwing in some sort of non-skid, as Simi 60 was recommending. Each to his own, I guess.
I never recommended using much cheaper house paint and throwing in non skid beads.

What I said was using
: brand A urethane paint and adding non skid beads
Vs buying
: brand B urethane pain with non skid beads all ready mixed in

Brand A Urethane has pictures of commercial ships, oilrigs etc on tin and is a fraction of the cost of brand B Urethane with pictures of superyachts on the tin.
They are both urethane paints.

The other recommendation was to use
: Brand A durable, water-based acrylic polymer
: Brand B durable, water-based acrylic polymer
Same as above, one with pictures of yachts on the can is much more expemsive than the other
Both are durable, water-based acrylic polymer used for providing a waterproof textured membrane.
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