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Regarding deck coating item I'd sent PM to Matt about:

1. Expensive - $924.48 per 50 lbs. = approx. 70 sq. ft. 1/8" coverage = $13 + per sq. ft.
2. Pre coat-cleaner needed and top coat sealer recommended... did not find out cost of those two. However, I did speak with company owner John regarding product installation, quality, durability and its great surface-adherence value... always remaining non skid and easy to clean - Comes in white only; i.e. the color I want.
3. Glows amber/yellowish in the dark for added boat showing as well as night time sure-footed travel on decks. Evidently it glows pretty darn bright for about 12 hrs after fairly short charge from sun or even just incandescent lights... therefore might not be good idea to have on front deck for night travel, as the light might interfere with our eyes adjusting to night vision for seeing up ahead. I was told that there is no glow if any light is available; that it only glows in the dead-dark of night. Demarcation line could be established about mid ships wherein same color/texture coating could be continued forward but with no glow feature inherent.
4. So damn tough it's used on airport runways stripes and does not wear out.
5. Fore to now never used as deck coating on pleasure boats.
6. Glow feature is non radioactive.


Glo-Kote: See the video.

I plan to purchase small bag and try it out... within the next year, maybe??

Happy Deck-Cote Daze! - Art
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