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What would you do?

So here's an interesting dilema.* I'm not looking for suggestions for us, but using us as an example for the question.

We may---- may being the operative word--- at some time in the not too distant future be in a position to increase our allotted boating funds.* We have determined two possibilities (and we are not considering any more so don't offer any suggestions :-) ).**

Option 1*is to take our 1973 fiberglass*GB36 up to Vancouver, turn it over to a yard up there, and tell them to turn it into a brand new boat.* Completely rework the hull, new barrier, new*paint, new glued-down*teak decks, new engines, new generator, new*ergonomic*seat*cushions and upholstery, new dining table, new headliners,*new anything else that will benefit from being new.

Option 2 is to sell the GB36 as-is and buy a different boat.* We have decided there are only two boats that meet our criteria if we do this, and they are the drop-cockpit Grand Banks 46 and the Fleming 55.* That's it, those are the only two, the end.

Interestingly enough, we are both leaning toward the total rebuild of our existing boat.* The reasons are too numerous to list here, other than we feel the GB36 is the ideal size for what we do and ever will do*with a boat.* The GB46 and the FL55 are pretty big boats, larger than we actually need.* And*there's only the two of us and bigger boats are heavier boats to deal with at the dock, in the wind, etc.* But.... we've looked at examples of both of them and they are very, very nice boats.

We are well aware that Option 1 will involve spending FAR, FAR more money than the boat is worth or ever will be worth.* We bought the boat with the philosphy that we would never see a dime out of it when we were done with it.* It can be turned into a fish habitat.* But it would be nice to return it to not only new condition but better than new condition for the remainder of the time (hopefully a couple of decades) that we are still able to use it

So here's the question to discuss.....* if the money became available*to completely rework your current boat, fix everything that needs fixing, replace everything that you'd like to replace-- be they big ticket items like engines or small ticket items like anchors---*would you do this?* Or would you put the same amount of money toward a different boat?

I guess this is a sort of "how much do you like your boat?" question.

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