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Originally Posted by Peter B View Post
I'm sure you're absolutely right. Stick the name marine on anything, and Bob'syeruncle, the price trebles. And no doubt this pertains for paints as well, up to a point. The trouble is knowing which is ok to use, and which not, and that's where the certainty which comes from buying a certified marine type of anything, but paint in particular, gives a certain peace of mind, knowing one has used a reputable product, and with an implied warranty. That peace of mind is rather hard to put a value on...

I disagree. Surely you can't say that of all of the marine specific branded paints that they aren't needed and that a house paint would do? So essentially these companies have been around for many many years based on a lie? I don't think so. There are decorative paint coatings and protective paint coatings. There is no place for decorative paint coatings on the external surfaces of a boat. The cost of a product isn't going to determine if I buy a product or not. The product has to be fit for purpose. My windows and doors for example. I could have saved myself $7,000 and fitted a screen door off a house and some house Windows. Essentially they are the same thing being Windows but I guarantee you they'll be rooted in less than a year. Fillers are the same. Sure you can buy a cheap two part filler but stick it in water alongside epoxy filler and see what happens. Granted I have expensive taste and am of the view that if I can buy the best then I will if I can't then I will wait until I can but I'm not the kind to throw money hand over fist either. If I can save money I will but substituting a product with another because it's "essentially the same" is a critical error imho. There is a time and a place for everything. SOLSTICE is having items fitted from caravans(RV's) and housing construction materials and items but where they are fit for purpose. Pull the SDS and TDS of the items you want to compare and study them. I think you'll find the items are far from "identical with different labelling" ....

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