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There will certainly be a lot of 30', gas driven, inboard/outboard, mass production cruisers (clorox bottle) types to weed through by not limiting your search parameters to trawlers, but you are also more likely to find some niche boats that fit you needs. Filtering by fuel type of diesel will help (although there are some lovers/apologists of gas engines here and they are not without merit) weed out most of them.
Sellers of boats that may fit the pocket trawler mold may struggle with classifying or describing the boats and the ads get skipped over.
Sharing your goals on here is a great way to cast your net as we have met other cuisers traveling in a wide variety of vessels with great success that you wouldn't initially think of. For example a member bought a Tiara (planning express style boat) that had been repowered with small diesels, I doubt it planes anymore and has less value in its original market but it meets the new owners needs which made it a bargain.
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