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The Perfect "Loop" Boat

What was it that you liked so much about the M34? I was surprised when a fisherman in Thorne Bay retired, gave his fish boat to his daughter and bought an M34. Looks a bit like a fish boat as it's got a big hydraulic anchor winch on the fore deck and a big stove pipe coming up out of the cabin. When I had my 25' Albin I wanted an M34 myself but you've owned one so I'm interested in your take on it. For openers** ..Why did you re-power and what did you put in.

By the way I think the perfect loop boat should be short and wide. Lots of space, thruster or thrusters, AC gen and possibly AC. Best one I can think of here on TF is the IG. Also a Sundowner. If a small boat and budget are on the table I'd go w an Albin 25. Some house boats like the Cruise-a-Home are more seaworthy than they look so it's possible the best loop boat could be of that type. But boats are a purchase of passion so most folke just buy what turns them on.

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