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Same here!

Originally Posted by RCook View Post
After 25 years as trailer-boat cruisers, it appears we will soon be wandering around in a 37 Nordic Tug. Wow- it's hard to imagine! Seems like the only thing that won't be greatly improved is that fishing, particularly salmon trolling, will be more difficult.

If you have set up such a boat for salmon trolling, how did you do it? Trolling valve? Kicker? Or do you just fish from the dinghy?

If you do fish from the tug, how did you mount downriggers? I think I've seen fabricated SS mounts for them to bolt to. Where does one get these? What do they attach to?
Richard, I just signed a purchase agreement on a 42 NT and am going to outfit it for salmon and trout fishing on the Great Lakes. I'd love to learn what worked for you (and what didn't!). My main concerns are getting to a trolling speed of 2 knots and getting enough width on the transom to mount down rigger plates and rod holders. I currently have five Canon Mag 20's and the mounting plates are 4" square, and it looks like ~2.5" of width to play with. Any other suggestions are welcome, thanks!
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