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RE: Monk 36 owners -- H20 tanks?

Egregious wrote:

JohnP wrote:
Boy,* I know what I would do with that 20gallon tank..* Pipe it individually to the head and have a fresh water flush system.

Just me.**

The way we flush, the tank would go dry in no time!*

What's wrong with flushing with raw water?* Is it stinky?* We've been flushing about a 1/2 gallon of vinegar down each head before we leave and we have no odors at all.
WoodySave the vinegar. Switch to fresh water. That's all it takes to stink free. And practice a little conservation. A little pee only needs a minor rinse. As to the other, I'll let you be the judge. I use just enough to make sure it has reached the holding tank.

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