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Monk 36 owners -- H20 tanks?

That is surprising to hear you have 3 tanks...definitely does not sound like it came that way! Our 1983 is not configured that way at all. We have 2 large tanks under the aft stateroom berth- right at about 200 gallons worth. I loose storage I guess but I have real good access to the tanks and valves.
I don't know if it is right or not but my belief on water tanks- the more you cycle through the water the better. I always keep our tanks connected and open all the time so that they drain evenly and at the same time. I also only have one fill cap for the 2 tanks and it fills them both via a manifold. *I have no interest in keeping one tank full and having water sit there for a long time stagnating. I suggest connecting the tanks via a manifold so that they are all drawn down equally so that your are properly cycling through your water tanks to keep them fresh and clean as possible.
On the 20 gallon tank- sounds odd. Have you traced the plumbing to make sure it isn't in fact routed to your head?

Where are your 3 tanks located? The old water tank originally installed is still there (long since abandoned)- it was behind the aft stateroom desk on port side just off the transom. I have been contemplating whether to cut it up to create more storage or possibly install a washer/dryer.

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