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City: Quebec
Country: Canada
Vessel Name: Bleuvet
Vessel Model: Custom Built
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She was born in 1994, built by a guy in Quebec city. That guy was a mechanic and he did a tremendous work at building this beauty, I am truly impressed about the amount of work he did. The hull was bought from lang and he built on top of it. From what I know he did everything by himself.
The engine in it is a fishing boat engine that he fully rebuilt when he fit it in the boat. The brand is Acadia, it was an engine manufacturer from Nova Scotia that was building fishing boat engine. The manufacturer is long gone now, I think they went out of business in the 70s.
They built their first engine in the 30s!
The engine is running like a swiss clock and is starting as soon as you touch the key. I am driving a Porsche and this motor is starting better than the one in my car, I am amazed.
It is a purely mechanic engine, no electronic whatsoever and naturally aspirated straight 6cyl. The power is evaluated at 100 horse power.
When I saw her I felt in love and nearly 2 month later I can just say that I have no regret.
It is not a brand new boat so for sure there are some thing to fix here and there but really nothin dramatic and most of things are purely cosmetic.
The previous owner ( the guyfrom who I bought it, the second owner) bought it in 97 from the builder and has change most of the furnitures by some he did himself in hard mahogany, him too did a really great job.
Now I am taking over from him and will fix the remaining things and will change few thing to make it mine.
She is my second love and better than evrything else, my wife love her too she is not jealous
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