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Perkins 6.354 and the various Ford engines have nothing in common.

In my previous post I should have included Deere and Detroit as viable engines. Both make good machines. Detroit 53, 71 and 92 are two strokes, and can be rock solid reliable but in a trawler, usually noisy as heck. Deeres are four strokes like the rest, simple good engines.

Volvo seemed to forget that trawler engines often last well over 40years. Provided you can get the parts to maintain them. Which would be no issue if Volvo continued to MAKE THE PARTS. Duhh...

Just did an engine survey on a boat with Detroit 8v71n. 50yrs old. Engines never rebuilt. They ran perfect. Too bad various owners made a mess of the wiring, complete hack job. But the engines were fine. And yes, you can get parts!!
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