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The Perfect "Loop" Boat

<<sail rudder (can turn in its own length with practice).>>

Having owned a Prairie 29 for 6 years, I will agree with everything he said except this....unless of course you have a bow and stern thruster and the assistance of a harbor tug. The rudder on a P29 is 12x18 inches. And the amount of freeboard and windage is very significant. I will put it to you this cannot complete a turn into a slip from a "normal width" fairway. You have to turn half way in, back out, turn some more and maybe even back out again to complete the whole maneuver. Heaven forbid if you have a 30 foot slip....which means your fairway is sized NARROW!

We did not call our steering wheel or helm by those names. We called it an HRD....Heading Requester Device. You moved it to put in your request for a heading change....whether it actually happened or not is a whole 'nuther story!!! And you can back up at almost full power with the HRD hard over in any direction and the boat will go wherever it pleases.....usually straight!!!!....or in the opposite direction of the rudder.

I will say this. It is a very rewarding experience learning how to handle the boat and it will make you a damn good boat handler. You will also need to be very familiar with how the boat prop walks as that will be a huge part of your strategy in handling the boat. Notice I say "strategy"??? You build the strategy and execute it....what actually happens....who knows??!!!

In closing, we absolutely loved the P29. It is a HUGE 29 footer. We sold it for financial purposes at the time and do regret it a bit....although that is what we had to do. If we found a cherry one for sale, we would have a hard time not buying it. I would get the later model ones with the glass windows and the steel window frames as well as covered aft deck. Their interior layout is a bit vs builtins. And they usually had the 85hp 4236 versus the 4108 or 4164. There were only 55 P29s made....we had hull #55 and it still lives in the area and we are happy that it is being well taken care of.

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