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Originally Posted by Alaskasbear View Post
I've just started ressurection on my 77 MS 34. Boat has been under shrinkwrap for the last two years in the shipyard by the sea. Windows are corroded open and fuzzy strip is flaking away. I've started using a flat blade screwdriver with sand paper on the end. Slow going but it's slowly removing the corrosion. I was thinking of trying a brass wire wheel laid into the channel once i can get the sliding windows fully open. Any ideas on where i might find the fuzzy strip?
I have done an 82. May the boat gods smile on you. Join Mainship Owners Group, I think there is more than one. The Yahoo site is VERY good and you will find that many have plowed ground you are approching. Handy search option, you will find suppliers, vendors, techniques, traps to avoid and so on. A wealth of information once you filter out the questions from people that do not know what a screw driver is.

On your windows...2 2 by 4s. Hard wood, not pine. Trim one long enough to angle in the window opening. Mild angle. The second use against the base of the first and hammer #2 into #1 widening the gap so you can lift the glass out of the opening. I had to this a bunch of times. If they will not slide, saturate with wd40 or similiar to free em up then remove the glass.n then have fun!

Hint, with water intrusion on bridge, try a vacumm on low end and 1/2 lb of nitrogen on high end. Get the water out then you can seal and inject the soft spots.

I have a 4 blade fresh RH 21x21- 1 1/2 shaft prop. Will need a 1/8 bushing for your 1 3/8" shaft. I have no need for this prop.
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