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Originally Posted by Mule View Post
I feel your pain. One of the hardest, most frustrating jobs on the refit of my previous money pit (MKI Mainship 34, 1982) was just what you are facing.

Try this, get a small flat blade screwdriver with a large handle, medium length shaft. Bend the tip to a 90, perhaps cant it a bit for leverage for the angle you will be working. Make your tool narrow enough to fit in the channel. Make the end sharp but not needle end. Use narrow wire brush on your drill/grinder, medium stiff. Use PB blaster, WD40 or similar to soften up. Hook nose needle nose pliers. Dental mirror and dental tools can also help. Swear regularly as you fight this stuff. It will come out but it will fight you every step of the way. Took me 4 long days for 4 Windows. Lot if it came out in pieces, ripped strips and chunks. Not fun

Note. You must get ALL of it out of the channel or the new will not slide in.
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