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what charges the genset battery?

Hi all, I thought I had a lot of questions before I bought a boat, little did I know that was only the tip of the ice berg. My genset battery is dead, which I just assumed was impossible I guess and never really thought about it until yesterday. I went down there today and it looks like there isn't anything to charge it. I think it's pretty old and probably needed replaced anyway, but it got me wondering how often I should plan on this happening.

I don't have shore power because the new power stations where I have to dock for the summer always trip when I plug in, but is shore power the only thing that would otherwise charge the genset battery? I have an inverter, and while I'm still not entirely sure of everything it does, it appears that it does not charge the generator battery. The only cables on the genset battery are the ones that start the genset. Is there an easy way to tap into the main batteries to charge this one too? As far as I can tell, the generator charges the main batteries through the inverter, but I'm not even sure about that. Fortunately (?) the asparagus my wife planned on cooking with the stove was mistakenly put in a bag with herring that spilled (oops) and she wasn't too excited about eating them after that. We do plan on going out for a few days next week though so I need to replace or recharge it. Which brings me to another potentially silly question- if I had jumper cables on board could I have jumped the genset battery off of the mains? Thanks
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