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Aluminum Swim Platform alternative

I faced nearly the exact dilemma as original poster; Ex Sailor. I cut the factory original glass platform into three pieces and hauled it to the curb on big trash day. I designed and built the replacement out of 100% aluminum including hardware. The only non aluminum component is the PVC dock edging around the outside.

The structure is cut, bent and welded 6061-T6 aluminum. the decking is extruded aluminum with powder coat paint to simulate wood. This is stuff made for a no-maintenance alternative to composite and vinyl decking.

The result is a much stronger, twice as wide, half as heavy, as the original fiberglass platform.

I had, and loved the teak platform I had on a Mastercraft tournament ski boat I owned years ago. But the maintenance was a lot of work. And it lived most of its life out of water, out of the sun, on a trailer in my garage. I've got all the teak I need on the rest of the boat.
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