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The freight trains have not (to my knowledge) been an issue with navigation in the Hudson. But they do affect sleep at night.
Guess you're not aware of the freight trains that run the west shore from Haverstraw bay to Ravena (amost always within sight of the shore, but always within earshot on a quiet night) From Hudson north the passenger (east bank) runs along, but out of sight mostly but, again, within earshot. Either bank has the trains running along or not far inland for about 100 miles from Tomkins Cove to Albany.

Back to the OP question, small day trips between Coeymans and Kingston have several potential stops. Athens is another quiet old place with nothing to do but row around, take a quiet walk or fish. There is a small landing on the east bank opposite the cement dock in Cementon, just north of silver point. Then about 6 miles south of Cementon is Saugerties. A nice quiet creek, with small tie up if you're looking for a lot of nothing.

I would recommend studying the currents. It has taken running commercially on the Hudson for over 20 years to know the ins and outs of the current. On the upper half of the river You can have about 7 hours of ebb current to make your down bound trip faster. But you will only have about 5 hours of flood. So you have to learn to ride the coming crest of the tide to get as much bang for the buck to help you on your trip. You can ride the ebb much easier, and have a larger window to go as far/fast as you want. But riding the flood back up north is trickier, because the window of flood tide moves northward making a smaller window of fair when northbound. Think of riding the northbound flood like surfing a wave. You have to 'catch the wave' to ride it as long as possible at the correct time. Or you miss the wave, and only get either the first or the last of the fair current.

Of course if you have a high speed boat and don't care about fuel consumption...... Then have at it. (but then why would you be on a trawler forum?)
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