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Originally Posted by klee wyck View Post
This thread and others like it from the past are a little curious and entertaining in a way in that there can be a bias that causes some to look at this boat and blame its condition on its build material. Yet, I suspect, they can look at the condition of the boat in Bligh's avatar and not blame the condition of that boat on its build material. Is the reason for the condition of those two boats not the same reason?

I fully understand and appreciate this as I have the opposite bias......

Florence, Delfin, Klee Wyck, Libra, many others seem to not be adversely affected by their build material which is the same as this boat. I recently returned from one of the boatiest countries I have ever visited where less than 20% of the hundreds of vessels I saw were FRP. Opposite bias as here in a country that is below sea level (perhaps suggesting that boats are an important coping mechanism and need to be durable and reliable).
When my stabilizers were installed, a stringer had to be cut down a bit to accommodate the overhang of the actuator. The yard didn't paid the bright steel as they should have. It is still bright after 9 years. True, there are a few spots of surface rust but in about 1,000 years that rust will be a problem. My point is that so much depends on design and coatings on a steel boat. I was fortunate in that when I bought Delfin, she was completely empty so I could see the quality of the coatings. I sprayed her with QuietShip to eliminate vibration transmission, then smeared the inside with poly construction adhesive, then applied acoustical cork. For rust to be a problem before the turn of the next century is going to take an awful lot of salt water and I try to keep that out of the boat.

If a steel boat is built by someone wanting to save money, or is of a design where the interior is exposed to salt water, and I couldn't actually see what was going on I would be very nervous. Not because I would be worried about her sinking from rust since a quarter inch of steel will produce about 2 inches of rust before it no longer has any steel left, but because it sounds messy.

I have hit rocks and logs, and if I ever am careless enough to run her up onto a reef I am not really worried too much. I may dent her, but I won't sink her. Each material has its own pluses and minuses, but if done right, steel doesn't have many of them.
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