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Leaving the air conditioner on

When the Eagle is at the dock, which is 99.5% of the time, all the sea cocks below the water line are closed.* When away from the dock, 00.5% of the time, only the engine and gen set are open. If a long cruise the DD 671 has a cruise gen so I can shut down the main gen and close the through hull also.* *I took out all the other*through hulls below the water line, 7 of them.*

I installed regular old dirt window air conditionings, that I made enclosure that match the teak and are butted up against a port hole, and or a salon window.* Three 600 btu in the stateroom and a 800 for the salon which cost about 500 bucks. We leave the AC on most of the time and even use in the winter on fan to circulate and purify the air.

Also doubled the size of the bilge pumps and installed two bilge pumps so if one fails the other is back up and double the capacity with alarms.* I heard double bilge pumps where a requiement in Canda?***Also have a portable bilge pump that has came in handy several times on neighboring boats.*

Over the last 14 years of living aboard the failures are, 1) when hook up to the dock water a hose/fitting failed, because of the high water pressure, 2) engine raw water and/or exhaust hose failed, and 3) of course AC and head.

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