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Well, I have been following along on this thread and I must say that while I understand many people don't like steel boats, I do. I would much rather cut out a piece of my hull and weld in a new piece that try and cut into a fiberglass hull that has blisters and hope that I cut deep enough and that I get a good enough bond with the old material to restore strength. I don't want to hunt all over the west coast to try and find enough fir in big enough pieces to replank a rotten spot in a hull. I like steel. Simple, straight forward, available in all kinds of sizes almost everywhere. Oh it rusts. Well, not if you do this thing called maintenance.
I have never seen a boat that does not require care.
The boat in this thread looks like it needs work. Either you can pay to have the work done or you can do it yourself. Or you can walk away if the price of the boat plus the work is more than you think you can afford. But every boat--no matter what it is made of will need work. Sooner or later. So maybe you should put what the boat is made from at the bottom of your list and instead look at the things you will live with and work with every day you own the boat. Pick a boat that fulfills your needs. Then look at the condition and how much it will cost to get that boat into the shape you want it in. Then worry about what it is made from.
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