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Originally Posted by cardude01 View Post
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Hear is a pic of one of the thru hulls.

This thread and others like it from the past are a little curious and entertaining in a way in that there can be a bias that causes some to look at this boat and blame its condition on its build material. Yet, I suspect, they can look at the condition of the boat in Bligh's avatar and not blame the condition of that boat on its build material. Is the reason for the condition of those two boats not the same reason?

I fully understand and appreciate this as I have the opposite bias......

Florence, Delfin, Klee Wyck, Libra, many others seem to not be adversely affected by their build material which is the same as this boat. I recently returned from one of the boatiest countries I have ever visited where less than 20% of the hundreds of vessels I saw were FRP. Opposite bias as here in a country that is below sea level (perhaps suggesting that boats are an important coping mechanism and need to be durable and reliable).
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