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Originally Posted by Nomad Willy View Post
Change is often good and necessary for improvement but fads are of no use other than for those who like them to revel in them and feel superior.
I'm only resistant to the silly stuff .. not change. Change is always good .. if it's positive.
But what you call silly, someone else may make excellent use of. You don't get to define "silly" for the world. You termed back up cameras silly. I term them to be an excellent tool for some people on both cars and boats.

I know a lot of "fads" that have become standard items for decades. You seem to feel that people who select to try new technology feel superior and look down on you in some way. Actually I don't see that. However, I see your attitude toward them. Why not just live and let live, accept the differences in people and in boaters.

I've seen things that I thought served no purpose, but then I tried them and with some my feelings were confirmed, while with others, I was shocked and never again would be without it. When cell phones first emerged, it seemed to many like nothing but an ego boost. Sort of the upgrade for car phones. Some thought it would just be a toy for the few. That few was running up $500 and $600 a month bills. Today, everyone has one and costs are as low as $20 a month.

I try to remain open minded to all ways of doing things. Old, new, low tech, high tech.

Oh, and for the record, I'd rather have a chain counter any day, than to have to mark chain intervals.
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