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Leaving the air conditioner on

Thanks folks for all the timely replies.

I also see a lot of boats with the AC on all the time. Here in SW FL is almost a no brainer. The dock I was at before did not have the electrical capacity to run my AC last year and it did OK. No mildew.

Like Dave and others have said, I have no confidence is alarms or electronic gizmos that are suppose to save your a$$.

Dave, I've thought of the bigger bilge pump route, but you are relying on that pump working for a couple of weeks while the boat stays unattended. What if someone or something accidentally unplugs your electrical. Yes the ac pump will stop but not the water intrusion if the system is below the water line.

Perhaps a de-humidifer like sunchaser suggests is an alternative.

I personally close all the sea cocks when leaving the boat, except today when I left the ac open. I had to come up with some creative ideas though to get to some of the sea cocks to avoid cramming myself down into my dog house sized ER to open and close them.

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