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Not to mention the costs involved. While you may not spend 3K if all goes well, your hired captain does not work for free. You have fuel, groceries and repairs, plus if things go south out there and they often do, it can end up costing you a whole lot more than 3K. Its still early on the coast, weather can be beautiful or nasty and change very quickly. I think you will sleep better with the idea of trucking it home. I well remember coming up the coast from Astoria on a 105' tug with a barge in tow and seeing some of the biggest swells in my life out there. Swells running up to 30 feet high, and it wasn't even winter time. We rolled our guts out. I was mate that trip and the skipper didn't get along well with rolly seas. I was hungry and came up on watch with a big greasy meatball sandwich, whereupon the poor captain threw the PH door open and lost his dinner right there! I don't think he ever quite forgave me for that one.
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