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Originally Posted by Larry M View Post
I'd get another bid maybe unless you really want the boat ride which could be lots of fun and adventure.
Larry is being very "nice" about it. If you decide to do it on her own bottom, you really want to brush up on your weather skills and be patient for a sufficient window. Getting caught out in these waters, with a boat like that, would get quite ugly. The Pacific is not to be trifled with.

$3,000 is nothing compared to the damage one can do to a boat out there.

Also, turning the corner at Cape Flattery doesn't mean you are out of danger. Study up on the commercial lanes in the Strait. Boating along with 900' freighters going 20+ knots is "interesting."

My apologies if you are already up to snuff on all this. Just passing along helpful info as I have done it quite a few times. Note the level horizon in the through the stern shot. This is a boat that weighs 120 tons.
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