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Wifey B: Ok, one was sentimental to me. The boat he owned when we met, the first boat we had. It was a 25' Cobalt. However, it was sort of made ok by the fact we were just getting a bigger one of the same brand, a 30' Cobalt. And then it was the first we bought together.

Then when we moved to the coast it was bye bye to it. I can't separate the emotion of the boat and the emotion of leaving our home on the lake. We had zip zero nada no hesitancy at all in doing so and love the move, but still there are so many memories on the lake. We have when we've returned to the area rented a boat and gotten out a couple of times. The memories are all still with us though. But to us that represents a stage or phase of our lives, not just a boat. Now in our third sta of life together. The phase before we were together we both try to forget. Life has been so wonderful since then though.

I'd think mostly in parting with a boat, it's not the boat, but the memories of that period of your life.
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