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Originally Posted by gaston View Post
Where are you grounding to ???
Not sure where the electrician attached the ground, I'll have to check, but all cabling went into the engine room.
Originally Posted by twistedtree View Post
Jim, did you consider wiring the panels in series rather than parallel? I doubt tearing your system apart and changing it is high on your priority list, but it's worth keep in the back of your mind. In series you get higher voltage and lower current, so can use smaller wires and have less loss. And it requires a charge controller cable of stepping down the voltage, but most MPPT controllers can already do that as part of the MPPT function.
That is still an option, as I think the combiner box allows for that. I still need to connect the panels to the combiner box. However, the electrical engineer at the Canadian Renewable energy, said there is an issue in very cold weather condition as the voltage rises and can exceed the rated maximum.

I'm going back to CRE and will discuss this further.

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