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Chesapeake Bay is 40% dead zone now?

Chesapeake Bay Dead Zones Are Killing Off Fish in the Masses | TakePart

I believe it, since when I try fishing, there is nothing much there anymore. In the 80's I caught flounder spot croaker easily.
Last year caught only small croakers.
So far this year caught nothing, not even bites.

Article claims back in 2013,
"On the eve of the next dead zone invasion, a new study says that past hypoxic zones destroyed the Bay’s bottom-feeding fish."

And it is all due to land issues not boat issues. Making it a no discharge zone for boats will have zero impact on the water.
A just-completed, 10-year-long study of the bay’s fishes by researchers from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science proves that low-oxygen dead zones—created by nitrogen runoff from farms and cities—are having a serious impact on bottom-feeding fish, including perch, bass, flounder and more, which are all key members of the local ecosystem.
Just this spring a sewer line break in Hampton City dumped millions of gallons of raw sewage into the Back river. My boat is slipped in Harris creek a tributary of the Back river. Maybe better to go to the bay bridge tunnel to fish. It is about 11 mile trip.
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