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Not moving forward yet - its going to be a few years before I pull the trigger. Still just watching and learning.

Interestingly - I've just learned of a new longer thinner ocean crossing design that is coming out of a new effort by Nigel Irens - the famous designer of many of the longer thin cruisers.

Here is more detail:

In collaboration with renowned designer and Naval Architect Nigel Irens of the U.K., Black Swan Yachts is developing a new line of offshore motor yachts that promise to change the way the adventurous at heart perceive of the possibilities.

The 22m (72ft) initial offering will blend the finest characteristics of today’s efficient low displacement to length sea-going vessels while providing unmatched interior and exterior livability. Black Swan imparts each model with the highest degree of safety, robustness, and simplicity, delivered in a modern-minimalist aesthetically pleasing package.

In keeping with our commitment to Uncompromising Offshore Passage Makers, the Black Swan line aspires to inspire a new generation of adventurers and dreamers – looking to cast off the daily grind in complete confidence – in the pursuit of attaining clearer appreciation and understanding of what a life unleashed has to offer.

Website here:

Black Swan Series - Black Swan Yachts

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So Mr. LRC58Fan, are you moving forward with your plans or creating a detailed budget for your vessel?

I received a quote to build a 70' long skinny boat for about the same cost as a 50' wide fat one. Same displacement. I am not going to be a full time live aboard, so when I start budgeting for marina fees in various ports the numbers are a true deal-killer!
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