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I operate similar to kchace. I typically operate between 60-85% after day one with 2-3 hrs of gen time. It's faster to charge from 60-85% SOC than from 70-95%. I can't heat water (1300W) at the same time, either. Also, my Keurig is a high draw item for the first minute while it heats the water (1500W) so it gets solo gen time also. On shore power, it's the 30A dance...on my Honda generator, it's a 13A dance.

My previous fridge and the Nova Kool I have on order both operate 12V/120V and they switch automatically to 120V when it's present and back to 12V when the 120V source stops. You may not need to turn off the 12V CB when running the gen. What type of fridge do you have?
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