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Wifey B: Shocks me all those who haven't been through that lock. Sorry, I'm like the chicken crossing the road. I want to get to the other side.

Gotta see what's on the other side. Let me through...

I have no idea how many locks I've been through. With all the records hubby keeps, that's one I don't think we have without going back through a lot of history. But we did lock through in Ballard, both ways. Had to get back out too. Early on a weekday morning.

Went through those on the TN River long ago and on someone else's boat. Okeechobee many times. Panama Canal. By the time we get to Lake Ontario though will have had our fill of locks for a while. 22 on the Erie, 7 on the Oswego. Then no more locks until Welland in June.
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