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Mr. dh. "...I have never been through the locks. It intimidates me to be honest." Indeed. I can easily see how such an exercise can be intimidating. That being said, the lockmasters have seen it all, many, many times over. Once you have a few chambers under your belt, it will be old hat. Trust me.

It's quite surprising to me how many people have never gone through at least one lock in their boating travels. We were picking up our, new to us at the time, boat in Ft. Meyers FL a number of years back and opted to cross the state via the Okeechobee waterway with Ft. Lauderdale as our final destination.

We had our BIL, a "licensed" US merchant marine captain (6-pack with many hundreds of hours on the water) along as crew. He got extremely nervous as we approached the first lock station being a lock newbie. I later tried to figure out now many lockages the Admiral and I had done in our 20+ years at that time and it worked out to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 500+ so not a big deal for us.

I guess the largest lift/descent we've done in one shot is about 60'. Lift locks and marine railways are all part of the adventure.
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