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Been thru the locks so many times I have lost count, mostly on the tugs when I worked at Western Towboat. When I was still living there, my wife and I took off on our 1952 26' Chris for across the Sound, and went into the small lock. Now in there you have a wall that goes up and down with the water and to tie up to they have what they call buttons. Well my wife is on the bow with her line, I am running the boat, single gas and doing my thing hoping wifey can get the button. I turned around to go get a stern line out and I hear a lot of hollering! I look up and wifey has not only not gotten the line on the button but because the bow was pulling away from the wall, she just stepped of the bow onto the wall and was standing there looking for all the world like she belonged there!! I said what the hell are you doing over there?!!? That's not an elevator!! Well wifey says, I had nowhere else to go! Soooo, I made the stern line fast and then nosed the bow over so she could get back aboard! I thought the poor lockmaster was going to have a coronary! This would be about 1979. Lock follies we call them.
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