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Originally Posted by Art View Post
Thanks fer setten me straight, mate!

I'd figured twigged must mean when one got old enough to get the joke. Ya know... like a twig of a tree growing into a sturdy trunk so it can take some weight. Guess I wasn't too far off.

Here's a funny:

When grand kids were 5 and 7 years old the following song was often on one off-beat radio station. DJ would make funny (adult - understandable) under tone remarks about Santa's three female Ho's and fact that one had gone missing on Santa. We'd be driving along in my 1967 Buick Wildcat and all four of us would be laughing our asses off that Santa has Lost a Ho of his. Kids had no idea what the word "HO" was actually implying... i.e. they had not "twigged" yet. That song lasted in vogue for only a few months. Haven't heard it on the radio since.

So... now that the girl is getting to 13 and the boy is 15 it won't be too long from now that Linda and I will sit them down to listen to this song again with us. We'll just watch their faces... to see if they have "twigged"!

Twigged is cool term - I'm going to begin using it!

Happy Twiggen Daze! -Art -

Hahaha thanks for the story bro. Can't wait to hear if they've twigged yet. Chances are the have lol.

I'm keen to see this 67' Buick mate! Any pics?

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