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The problem is there is a seeping leak that pools behind the rudder block.

After sopping up the small pool of water and using degreaser to kill the bit of oil (no obvious oil leaks - micro amount visible in picture - wonder where its from?)... I went ahead and applied the primer... That was yesterday - Saturday.

Today - Sunday - in advance of painting the enamel I crawled back there and discovered just a few drops of water had pooled back in there... dried it up off the primer - which did not cure due to the moisture - and painted it anyway. The enamel probably won't cure either.

Where did the water come from? It seemed that there was moisture along the back edge of the shaft log... There was no stream of water to follow. If water is getting past the base edge of the shaft log - that service will have to wait till a haul-out next year to disassemble the rudder and associated gear for a rebuild.
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